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Conflict Looming

The recent establishment of the TAZARA CORRIDOR farming block, a patchwork of roughly 300 private farms and ranches poses a serious threat to the survival of all large predators moving from the adjacent protected areas on the eastern boundary.

Lion, Leopard and Hyena have been killing livestock as far west as the rail line which is a significant distance from the safety of the Luangwa national Forest and National Park.

Most kills are by sub adult male Lions being pushed out of the protected areas by dominant males and typically these "killers" are either poisoned by the land owners or are shot by Wildlife Police officers

The killing of these predators can be stopped with a research based deterrent program utilising bomas with solar powered lighting as well as collaring and GPS monitoring the movements of these young males.

Through education, alternative prevention methods and vigilance we are committed to saving these young roaming male Lions.